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Von Lintel Gallery is excited to announce “Ebb and Flow”, our first exhibition of photography by Anthony Friedkin.

A Los Angeles native, Friedkin began photographing at the age of eight and was working in the darkroom by the time he was eleven. Early on, he used photography to explore his infatuation with the ocean and now, over 60 years later, he still travels the Southern California coast with a camera in hand. Friedkin feels strongly about the powerful energy of the ocean, the medium in which life began, and speaks of waves as "liquid sculpture, moving through space and time with ethereal beauty". This series visualizes that magnetism, as well as the inherent sensuality and beauty of the ocean. “Ebb and Flow” is an ode to the omnipotence and allure of the sea.

Friedkin extends his adoration of the ocean to include surf culture, in and out of the water. He believes in the power of extraordinary photographs that cannot be easily defined, but rather celebrate perception and its many layers of reality. The reality of surf culture is that it does not end when the surfers exit the sea, but rather, it carries over into how they live, party, and spend their time on land, often bleeding over into skateboard culture. “Ebb and Flow” delves into these intersections and presents the broader reality of surf culture.

“[Julian Cox, associate curator of photographs at The Getty Museum] feels Friedkin’s relationship with his hometown will have a significant place in the visual history of L.A. ‘Anthony is a highly responsive photographer to his environment,’ he says. ‘His strength lies in his ability to work in a sensitized state, to get in the trenches, so to speak, and capture the authentic moment as it occurs." – LA Times, 2003

Friedkin’s photography has been exhibited internationally since the 1970’s and is in the permanent collections of the Getty Museum, the George Eastman Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in San Francisco, to name a few.


Von Lintel Gallery is delighted to present “Neither Here Nor There” by Jane Handel, our first exhibition with the artist.

As she evokes a specific story in each work, Handel addresses broader topics ranging from the nature versus nurture conundrum to the human condition, and how we manifest our intentions. In this collection of works on paper, she uses found photographs and objects, old letters, and written words to explore these themes and their interconnection.

Handel's art is tied to her lifelong activism, driven by not only political issues, but her individual passions. In addition to works addressing abuse of women and children, she is currently interested in culturally relevant issues related to ideas of gender fluidity and environmental degradation. Handel presents her points of view with a delicate touch that prioritizes beauty. 

In 1990, Handel founded SpiderWoman Press where she embraced letterpress printing and, in collaboration with other artists, creates beautiful, limited-edition, handmade books which she describes as “a true labor of love.” She now divides her creative energy between being an author and visual artist.

“Jane Handel’s work is rooted in a deep sense of situational awareness of her physical surroundings and the cultural macrocosms that informs it.” – The Basic Premise, 2018

Jane Handel’s work has been featured in public collections such as the New York Public Library, Brown University, and the Maryland Institute of Art. She lives in Ojai, California.





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