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Von Lintel Gallery is excited to announce our inaugural solo exhibition ‘An Open Window’ with Donna Moylan.  Step into a world where art transcends conventional norms and embraces the enigmatic. Moylan's approach challenges traditional perceptions, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a realm where the everyday and the mysterious intertwine.

Each of Moylan's paintings in this exhibition features a window, symbolizing an invitation to open the discourse, expand the mind, and embrace new possibilities. Moylan's distinctive style weaves intricate layers of symbolism and surrealism, prompting viewers to unravel the mysteries hidden within her canvases. As you engage with her art, be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery.

‘For Donna Moylan, the wild is the norm. Moylan’s paintings point to a surrealist revival in recent art though she claims a long history in this genre.’ written by Lenore Malen for TheBrooklyn Rail

Donna Moylan is a New York based artist who has consistently exhibited worldwide since 1985. Her work is included in permanent collections such as The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Cleveland Center for the Arts and the New York Library Public Collection to name a few.


For additional information or visual material please contact the gallery by email at gallery@vonlintel.com.





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